The Coronation Wreck Project

Welcome to our project website. Here you will find historical data, view images and book the dive site for your group.


On our history page you will discover the details of the Coronation and her launch and wreck.

Sheltering in a gale off Plymouth in September 1691, Coronation’s anchor cables parted and there is a view that she was dismasted, capsized and driven aground. All of her crew apart from an estimated 17 - 23 personnel were lost.

Dive Bookings

Want to dive The Coronation?
Go to the Divers Page for all the information about applying to visit the site.

We strictly enforce a divers 'no take' policy on the Inshore and Offshore sites, no items or marine life should be removed from the protected wreck areas. The natural fish and fauna are under regular monitoring by 'Seasearch'.


You can view some of the latest images and video on our gallery page.

We ask dive groups to help us publicise the site and share their dive experience by contributing their imagery to the website.

You can contact us via the email submission form at the bottom of the page and arrangements will be made to upload your footage.


We are most grateful to our sponsors for their generous support in providing the technical and practical help which enables us to continue to protect the wreck site, provide a great dive experience and educate the diving community.

You will find more information on our sponsor's page and live links to their website where available.

Why Dive the

The Coronation sank near Plymouth during a violent storm in 1691. She lay undiscovered until 1967 and eventually the site became a designated 'Protected Wreck' under the PWA 1974

Our aim is to continue the study of the site and to promote awareness of this nationally important wreck site.

User Friendly

We are working closely with Historic England to help increase and promote licensed access to the site so that everyone can understand and enjoy this nationally important and protected shipwreck.

Easy to Book

Please contact us if you would like to dive the site, we need an absolute minimum 14 days notice for you to dive the site.

Please wait for confirmation of approval before making your dive.

Great Location

The south Devon coast is a real hotspot for recreational and archaeological diving with more and more diving clubs taking the opportunity to experience site exploration and education.

The area is well served by a number of charter boats and details of some of these can be found on our charter options page.